Video: How OmniData helped Milwaukee Tool using Azure Synapse


As Milwaukee Tool grew globally and expanded their manufacturing capabilities, so did their needs for data visualization and flows. OmniData helped give their business new perspective and possibilities through the Azure Synapse Platform. Find out how they implemented their new systems to help expand Milwaukee Tool’s capabilities and grow their business into new and exciting…

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OmniData Video: Dynamics & D365 Inventory Aging


The OmniData Dynamics and D365 inventory aging model provides detailed inventory aging analytics based on a FIFO inventory management method. Find out how the model can be rapidly deployed for any Dynamics in D365 environment as well as explore three Power BI reports providing high level overview and detailed drill down capabilities by site, warehouse,…

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1-Minute Tour: Dynamics & D365 Inventory Analytics

Take a 1 minute tour and learn about 6 easy-to-understand dashboard reports that help you better manage your inventory. We’ll peek at the incredible out-of-the-box OmniData functionality of: Inventory Value Analysis Inventory Value Detail Inventory Quality Analysis Inventory Quantity Analysis Inventory Planning Inventory ABC Analysis Intrigued? Let’s Connect.

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Cashflow Magnifier Quick Tour


Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business, but it’s not easy to pull and manipulate accurate, useful data across an organization. How easily can you answer? How are we doing in receivables this month vs last? How much cash will we have next week? How much inventory do we have on hand and when should…

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