Tech Talk Thursday: Explore the “If” Condition Within Azure Synapse Pipelines

OmniData™ Tech Talk Thursday If Conditions in Azure Synapse Pipelines

Don’t miss this tutorial for beginners just learning about Azure Synapse Pipeline configurations and analytics. This tutorial builds on the concept of using Switch statements to do conditional evaluations in Synapse Pipelines. You can check out that short video in a previous Tech Talk Thursday. In this video, Ray Marquina, our Principal Solutions Architect, will…

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Tech Talk Thursday: Configure API Pagination within Azure Synapse Pipeline

API pagination can be an exceptional data display and analytics tool. This is especially true in Azure Synapse pipelines. But using REST APIs can get a bit confusing and tricky sometimes. In this short video, we’ll explain and walk you through the process, screen-by-screen, using some simple but powerful tools and techniques. You’ll learn how…

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Power BI Tips & Tricks: Group Values

Are you building back-end fields, over and over, to group existing data points for additional reports in Power BI? Or maybe you’re adding a new column in the database when you want to create a new report group?  Did you know you can create new groups and information-packed reports with a few mouse clicks instead?…

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