Free Excel, Power BI, and Azure Training Offered by Microsoft

Azure Analytics Classes

OmniData™ Teaches One Day Trainings Microsoft has structured free training in the Azure Analytics Stack into multiple single day classes. The classes cover all aspects of what goes into a world class, next generation business intelligence program. OmniData™, as a gold Microsoft Partner, will participate at all levels of the multiyear training strategy. In these…

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Data Warehouse Automation Optimizes Govt Response to Covid-19

Data Warehouse Automation leads to optimal response for a pandemic

Part 2 – Data Warehouse Automation is the next logical step for stability and growth article on Covid-19 Data Warehouse Automation was written by Douglas Textor with Susan Pessemier. In Part One, you read about a rapid prototype built in Washington State for rapid response to COVID-19. Government officials, right up to Governor Inslee,…

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Data Analytics in the Covid-19 Trenches

Data Visualization of Pandemic in Washington State

How Washington State’s Pandemic Insights Got a Jump-Start. This article on Covid-19 Data Analytics was written by Douglas Textor with Susan Pessemier. Washington State Pandemic Dashboard Good, fast decisions require good information, and when the pandemic struck, the data in Washington State was in too many inaccessible places.  Remarkably, the state’s initial decisions, based on incomplete…

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Cashflow Magnifier Quick Tour


Cashflow is the lifeblood of every business, but it’s not easy to pull and manipulate accurate, useful data across an organization. How easily can you answer? How are we doing in receivables this month vs last? How much cash will we have next week? How much inventory do we have on hand and when should…

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Migrate From SQL 2008 Before Support Ends

Migrate from SQL 2008 at 10x the speed and reliability using TimeXtender. Microsoft is ending support for SQL Server 2008 on July 9, 2019. With the end of support, many organizations are struggling to migrate from SQL Server 2008 sources and data warehouse(s) to a Modern Data Warehouse. However, TimeXtender Discovery hub can accelerate this…

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June 2019 Discovery Hub Release

This week, TimeXtender released a new version of Discovery Hub, I have been playing around with the preview for a last several weeks, so wanted to share my impression. As far as quality-of-life features for the Discovery Hub developer goes, this is a huge release. If you haven’t upgraded for a while, now is a…

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