Synapse in Action Workshop


Synapse in Action

Data is the greatest assets in your business and has the power to improve the future of your organization. From driving a 360-degree understanding of your customers and their behavior to gaining in-depth insights into your processes the power of data is limitless.

But how can you capitalize on this asset when your data is stuck in a slow on-premises  data environment?

What is it?

OmniData™ has helped customers in all segments and industries, migrate legacy analytics and data warehouse solutions to Azure Synapse Analytics and with this first-hand experience, we have built the SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION program.

In the SYNAPSE-IN-ACTION program, highly skilled consultants from OmniData™, will migrate part of your existing data warehouse to a modern, cloud-based data warehouse structure taking advantage of Azure Synapse and Power BI.

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Why Do it?

You have to Migrate to Modernize to Monetize


  • Improve scalability and agility
  • Lower technology risk (future proof)
  • Full Azure stack upgrade
  • Azure > Synapse > Power BI > Your


  • “Limitless analytics” for limitless insights
  • Leverage all future Microsoft upgrade investment
  • AI functionality built in
  • Dramatically improve data literacy and data governance
  • Position your company above 90% of
    your competition


  • Lower operating costs by up to 50%
  • Use data to drive real financial impact
    in your organization-end management of the Azure Cloud environment

How it works



As part of the assessment, we take meticulous care to understand data sources, determine data flow and technologies used. Then we gauge the size of data and complexity of transformations and calculations. Based on the findings, we select and agree on a focus area for the Pilot and create a complete execution plan for the migration.



Next, we deploy a modern analytics environment, including an Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI and create all the routines and logic needed to migrate the selected focus area, after which the data is ingested and made available in Power BI. This allows you to experience the power of limitless analytics on your own data.

Production Roadmap

Production Roadmap

Using the understanding built through the assessment and Pilot, we develop a complete roadmap that serves as a strategy and execution document for the migration of your on-premises data warehouse to the Synapse.