Pilot Programs

Our Pilot Programs allow businesses to collaborate and achieve better results

At OmniData™, we help businesses get real-time insights about sales, marketing, finance, product development, and more through data analytics. Each product is created to address a significant need that we have regularly seen among our clients over the years. Our Pilot Programs were developed with the goal of achieving rapid results and revolutionary success for your business and industry.

Data Estate

Synapse in Action

Data is the greatest assets in your business and has the power to improve the future of your organization. From driving a 360-degree understanding of your customers and their behavior to gaining in-depth insights into your processes the power of data is limitless.

Analytics in Action Workshop

The Analytics in Action Workshop is for companies that want an assist from seasoned professionals. Our teachers have decades of real world experience with the entire Microsoft analytics suite. The workshop frames the total impact of next generation Analytics, as it applies to your specific organization.