Solutions Partner

As a solutions partner, we are proud to see Microsoft consistently out race major cloud, analytics, and modern data estate competition in every possible way.  Not only do Microsoft's business strategy, technology strategy, and execution of their technology roadmap continue to make them number one today.  But also, their follow through positions them to be number one for business ten years from now.  OmniData™'s expertise in Azure  extends from highly technical cloud infrastructure, across to business and analytics expertise, covering AI and cutting edge visualizations.  If your needs are basic or complex, we are ready to help.  Or, ask about our "living infographics" -- realtime visualizations tied to critical data, if you want to lead with data in every way and maybe display the results in Times Square.

Microsoft POWER BI is number one in BI - But still just the tip of the iceberg

OmniData™ has built its Microsoft Azure Practice on this foundation.

Great data visualizations come from great business strategy tied to data architecture.  Six years ago, that was the secret the analytics companies didn't want you to know.  Customers bought tool licenses, not realizing what was just under the water as they approached the iceberg.  Azure, Synapse, and Power BI address that by providing a comprehensive, scalable, realistic integrated solution, with a workable roadmap that matches the needs of organizations in every stage of digital transformation.

Top concerns for IT in business today remain:

Cloud Migration - Secure
Data Architecture for full accessibility
Analytics Driven Decision Making

OmniData™ Plus the Microsoft Azure Stack equals The Modern Data Estate

Do you want to modernize your IT?   If so, you can update your information technology for issues around supportability, cost, scalability.  Or are you already in the middle of digital transformation and in need of data architecture, analytics, or visualization expertise?

OmniData™ has a history of invention.  Consequently, we are ready to help you with your roadmap to a Modern Data Estate, your build, and your maintenance.