Data Warehouse Automation Optimizes Govt Response to Covid-19

Data Warehouse Automation leads to optimal response for a pandemic

Part 2 – Data Warehouse Automation is the next logical step for stability and growth article on Covid-19 Data Warehouse Automation was written by Douglas Textor with Susan Pessemier. In Part One, you read about a rapid prototype built in Washington State for rapid response to COVID-19. Government officials, right up to Governor Inslee,…

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Data Analytics in the Covid-19 Trenches

Data Visualization of Pandemic in Washington State

How Washington State’s Pandemic Insights Got a Jump-Start. This article on Covid-19 Data Analytics was written by Douglas Textor with Susan Pessemier. Washington State Pandemic Dashboard Good, fast decisions require good information, and when the pandemic struck, the data in Washington State was in too many inaccessible places.  Remarkably, the state’s initial decisions, based on incomplete…

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OmniData Remote Solutions

Remote services from OmniData

Maintaining Productivity during COVID-19 The Coronavirus/COVID-19 is now having an impact on every family in the United States. We empathize that you and your family are impacted, and most of your businesses are as well. For many of our clients we are implementing urgent measures to support the workforce working from home, as well as immediate changes to…

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Best Cloud Provider: Microsoft With Azure Synapse

Ignite Conference Announcements Advance Microsoft Azure on Many Dimensions Microsoft Azure is absolutely now the best cloud provider. In cloud scalability, Microsoft has pulled far ahead of Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake DW. The crucial measures are speed, administration, supportability and cost. Check out Microsoft’s demo of Azure Synapse from the 2019 Ignite conference. TimeXtender With…

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