Power BI Tips & Tricks: Coloring Above Average

Power BI can be used to manage all facets of a company, including logistics, human resources, customer relations, sales, market analysis, and so on. Each department’s data can be viewed in a visual, interactive, and understandable format. In this quick tip video, learn to create a conditional average line that then conditionally formats any columns…

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Power BI Tips & Tricks: Conditional Formatting in Tables

OmniData PowerBI Tips and Tricks Conditional Formatting

If you have taken the plunge into unlocking the data insights Power BI has to offer but are feeling lost when it comes to bringing off the cell formatting features you rely on in Microsoft Excel, you’re not alone! Stop spending hours trying to make your visualizations boardroom ready and start relying on the experts…

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How Will Azure Business Intelligence Change Your Business In 2023?

How Will Azure Business Intelligence Change Your Business

How can your company benefit from implementing a business intelligence strategy in 2023? Business intelligence solutions are top of mind with executive and leadership teams as the digital transformation and emerging technology markets continue to grow exponentially. But what exactly is business intelligence? We found an excellent definition on the technology information website TechTarget: Business…

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Power BI Tips & Tricks: Auto Align

OmniData PowerBI Tips and Tricks Auto Align

Power BI allows you to gain deeper data insights into your business than you could have ever dreamed – however users all around the globe often waste time trying to make their visuals boardroom ready. One simple feature in Power BI that often goes unnoticed is that you can auto-align any of your visuals with…

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