Our products are the "asset" in OmniData's asset-based consulting approach - designed to make you successful.

Our Products

Each product is designed to fill a large gap we have observed repeatedly in our customers over the years.  Once we recognize a gap, we design a product, small or large, to fill it.  Speed to results and transformational success are the reasoning behind each of our product offerings. With OmniData Products and Microsoft organized in sync, you can focus on what matters: Your own business delivering to your industry.


Modern Data Estate Framework

This powerful framework helps you manage the feature sets of your software to optimize your software budget.

Modernization Assessment

Our one-day Dynamics Assessment will set your roadmap to Dynamics Analytics Excellence. Know your cost and timeline for next-gen Analytics and reporting.


Managed Services

Off load your requirements for expertise to us for an average savings of 4x the cost of spreading the same expertise to over burdened internal staff.