OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC

Enterprise-Grade Analytics Built for Business Central

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OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC

With OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC, you can empower your team with the right tools to access, use, and share real-time, business-critical insights. Powered by Microsoft Fabric, our turnkey Modern Reporting and Analytics Platform and suite of Power BI reports with self-service capabilities helps you see your business more clearly, from end to end.

  • Finance, operations, sales, and procurement--all on the same page
  • Next-gen analytics platform easily integrates with the rest of your Microsoft ecosystem
  • Dozens of out-of-the-box PowerBI dashboards and reports
  • Built in Microsoft Fabric and leveraging the latest Copilot technology
  • End-to-end analytics environment makes insights accessible anywhere
  • OmniAnalytics™ gives you unlimited scalability to support your entire organization while providing enterprise-grade security and governance for your data
  • No shared servers and no data or access limits. You own the infrastructure, giving you full control with Microsoft’s Enterprise level security built-in
  • Connect additional data sources, build new models and reports, launch machine learning and AI initiatives

What is OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC?

To help our customers see their business from end to end more clearly, OmniData™ has developed a comprehensive analytics and reporting system for D365 BC, powered by Microsoft Fabric. OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC  is a turnkey, 100% Azure, next-gen analytics and reporting environment for your business.


Next Gen Analytics and Reporting

Get the reporting and insights you need, when you need them. We save users from the challenge of navigating complex ERP data, providing easy, reliable, ready-to-use models that break down silos and bring together data from all your organization’s functional areas.

Immediate Insights, Commitment to Your Success

From Installation to go live in as little as a day, you can quickly turn data into real-time intelligence with 100% remote deployment and service. That means you get help when you need it. We are fully committed to your ongoing success.

Visualize Your Data How You Want

With OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC's powerful dashboards, you can empower your entire team with data insights in real-time. You decide, using Microsoft technology, how to govern the information and access it. Our Fabric-based open framework allows for customization using your unique additional data sources.

OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC Feature Overview

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The Benefits of OmniAnalytics™

Integrated Power BI ERP solution
Lowest cloud operating costs
Fastest response
Most agile scalability
Lowest technology risk
Full integration with other Microsoft products
Self-sufficient analytics
Microsoft-certified training
Copilot integration in product
Easy dashboard customization
End-to-end view of your business
Lifecycle support
Readily scalable
Standardized operations
Fastest time to insight
Open data architecture
AI ready for your unique applications

Focused, role based training to integrate OmniAnalytics™ and Fabric into your organization.

In addition to pre-configured reports and dashboards built on familiar Microsoft applications like PowerBI and Excel, OmniData™ also provides high-quality, Microsoft-Certified Training to ensure your teams can take ownership of your reporting. We focus not just on deploying a solution, but making sure it’s delivering value across your entire organization. Let us show you how OmniAnalytics™ D365 can help you.


OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC uses your D365 BC data to provide sophisticated Business Intelligence to your whole organization.  Most ERP systems are heavy on relevant data.  However, they tend to offer only the most basic of reports.  Furthermore, the reports are usually very specific, with no inter-relationships, visualizations or advanced insights.  With OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC, the provided Power BI dashboards offer insights from complex data inter-relationships.  For example, combining Sales data with AP and AR helps you predict future cash availability.  Our structured data warehouse and underlying data architecture represents our experience with hundreds of Dynamics clients just like you.  As a D365 BC user, you can get the most sophisticated Analytics and Reporting available.  Just ask OmniData™.