Analytics and AI

Data and systems, just like organizations, come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you use a homegrown system or a commercially available system, the data in these systems can help you make better decisions and be more competitive.


Data really is the new electricity

The impact of electricity on the industrial revolution is well understood. The simplest of impacts was that it provided factories using electricity with a competitive edge over factories using steam-powered machines.

Looking at data in the same way in 2020 is vital to really tap into your organization’s potential. Data can give you the edge when competing to win new customers, so much so that a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers than their peers. The best part of data being the new electricity is that you don’t have to go anywhere to get it, it is already in your organization. It is just turning the data into information, insights, and ultimately action!

Not turning the data into your organization into information and the information into insights and actions could drastically impact your business. Partner with OmniData™ and tap into the future of data in your organization.







Analytics & AI

Data and systems, just like organizations, come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you use a homegrown system or a commercially available system, the data in these systems can help you make better decisions and be more competitive.

OmniData™ is at the forefront of analytics & AI, delivering proven solutions for industries through a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Digital Transformation

Organizations have several data sources ranging from ERP and CRM systems to bespoke sources like IoT, social media, and advertising data. Combining data from all these systems to get clear actionable insights is a complex process.

To help customers see the value of data in their organization quicker, OmniData™ Insights have developed the OmniData™ Analytics & AI Framework. The framework consists of several steps that together simplify the process of building an Analytics & AI environment.



Data exists in many forms in your organization ranging from core systems like ERP and CRM through to sources like advertising data, mobile data, social media and IoT to semi-structured data like web logs and unstructured data like documents and photos.

Prioritizing data sources to align with business objectives and understanding the value that could be derived from the combined value is the key output of our Data Strategy engagements.

These engagements are driven by senior executives in OmniData™ Insights and provide valuable alignment in the organization on the next right steps.


In this engagement we focus on combining data from disparate sources into a single cohesive, easy to navigate and complete unified analytics environment that can be leveraged to drive business objects.

We do this through

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Management
  • Cloud Scale Analytics
  • Data Extraction and Processing
  • Realtime Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

AI & Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are already playing a role in most of our lives. Applying the strengths of AI and Machine Learning is the natural next step allowing us to optimize everything from supply chain to sales forecasting and many more core business processes.

We do this through

  • Machine Learning Projects

Data Visualization

Exposing the value of data to business to tap into the strategic value, requires clear visualizations and the ability to perform uninterrupted and seamless discovery and exploration of data points presented in dashboards and reports.

We do this through

  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Dashboard and Report Design and Development

Dynamics Insights

The Microsoft Dynamics range of ERP systems, both on-premises and in the cloud are some of the most widely used systems in the world. These systems manage many aspects of the business ranging from Finance to Sales and Inventory yet data usage from these systems in most organizations remain low.

This is in part due to the complexity of getting data out of the environment and integrating this data with other sources of business data. At Omnidata Insights, we are a complete business unit with specific processes and tools, dedicated to working with organizations running D365 F&SCM or Dynamics, to rapidly gain access to this data and mature the usage of the data in the organization.

What is the right next step?

Analytics & AI
Envisioning Session

The Analytics & AI envisioning session is designed to showcase industry trends in analytics, highlight industry success stories and help you to envision the future of analytics in your organization.

Analytics & AI
Environment Assessment

The Analytics & AI environment assessment is designed to provide you with a clear checkpoint on your current analytics or AI environment. It includes a 200-point review of both technical and business functional components as well as the data usage maturity curve in your organization, across business functions.

Analytics & AI
Proof of Concept

The Analytics & AI PoC is a short and extremely focused engagement designed to gather requirements, leverages deep industry experience and technical knowledge and brings it together to build proof of concept to showcase the value of data in your organization, using your data.