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1-Day Custom Analytics Review

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One Day Custom Analytics Review

At OmniData™, we see this as Analytics in Action, our next-generation end-to-end Power BI-based analytics offering.   Data is the greatest untapped asset in your business. Unleash the power of data to improve the future of your organization. You can drive a 360-degree understanding of your customers and their behavior, gain insights into your manufacturing processes, and understand all details of your finances. In any aspect of your operation, our Analytics in Action Workshop offering defines where to focus and unlock your company's specific opportunities.

OmniData™ is making starting this data journey cost-free and easy to train participants.


What is the Analytics in Action Workshop?

The Analytics in Action Workshop is for companies that want an assist from seasoned professionals.  Our teachers have decades of real world experience with the entire Microsoft analytics suite. The workshop frames the total impact of next generation Analytics, as it applies to your specific organization.  This workshop will target the specific opportunities for data excellence in your organization and build a roadmap that will get you there.

Why do the Analytics in Action Workshop?

You will lower your organization's technology risk, your cost of implementation, and your time to value.  You'll do this by leveraging OmniData™'s field experience in Analytics and Data Architecture.  The Analytics in Action Workshop is FREE of cost.  Highly skilled OmniData™ consultants will assess your organization, your readiness, and provide a high-level environment review.  We will help you identify your greatest opportunities, assess the gaps and obstacles and work through your fastest path to Analytics in Action, an end to end analytics view of your organization.

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how Does It Work?

This FREE Workshop will help you to frame the value of Analytics specific to your organization and provide the most efficient way to conduct your Power BI, Azure, and Synapse journey. The workshop consists of :

Analytics Envisioning Session

Analytics Envisioning Session

This is an interactive session with your decision-makers. It is designed to showcase the value of analytics in a simple but very powerful way.

Analytics Environment Review

Analytics Environment Review

This review focuses on understanding the current analytics landscape in your organization.

Analytics Adoption Roadmap

Analytics Adoption Roadmap

This provides you with a checkpoint for your current analytics environment and tangible next steps for your organization.