Cloud Modernization

Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of services that compliments any business’s cloud journey.


Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive set of services that compliments any business’s cloud journey. From industry-leading Azure Active Directory through to identity and security services that provide a seamless experience for organizations of any size.


What benefits can cloud modernization bring to your organization?

Assess your environment and build a plan

  • Assess the environment
  • Build a plan considering the existing licensing and investment
  • Plan and consider security structure
  • Paas vs Iaas vs SaaS
  • Skills assessment

Configure Azure to allow the correct access to everyone in the organization.

Set up and Configure

  • Stand up the initial pieces of your Azure Environment
  • Configure access & security

How do we prioritize what to move to Azure first and how do we do this as quickly and painlessly as possible?


  • Migrate the first identified workloads to Azure's scalable infrastructure

Do I have the right skills to run my organization in Azure and manage scalable infrastructure?


  • Perform the end-to-end management of the Azure Cloud environment


Cloud Migration

Organizations are all at different stages of cloud adoption. As a first step, our team of cloud specialists works with you to build a comprehensive cloud roadmap that will pinpoint your current cloud requirements along with a strategy to help you get to the next level.

We do this through

  • Azure Discovery Assessment
  • Azure Enablement
  • Azure Migrations
  • Azure Cloud Modernization

Cloud Training

Venturing into the world of cloud computing for the first time can be daunting and may require some skills augmentation for your teams.

Our team of cloud specialists can help you to bridge the skills gap and help your team to gain the skills needed to manage and administer your environment.

We do this through

  • Skills Gap Assessment
  • Hands on technical labs & training

Managed Cloud Services

Let us manage your end-to-end cloud environment allowing you to focus on your business. Cloud Modernization empowers you to focus on what it is that matters most to you.

Our comprehensive Managed Azure Services include

  • Environment Support
  • Cost optimizations and cost management
  • Azure Consulting Services