We can help with Big Data and Data Analytics in your Industry

See how OmniData can help you define a strategy, plot a course, and stay ahead of the changes.  Let us help you take advantage of digital transformation opportunities in your industry.  With OmniData and Microsoft organized in sync to deliver to your industry

Data Analytics in the retail industry


No other industry is feeling the impact of digital transformation as much as the retail industry. From advanced technologies like augmented reality impacting the way, people select and buy items through to dealing with the vast array of data analytics available about customers, products, locations, and many other disciplines, almost every aspect of the retail industry is changing.

Data Analytics in the media industry

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry have seen several digital transformation surges in the past. The current dramatic industry changes are impacting disciplines in the industry ranging from rights management through to customer centricity and profitability. Add to that the ever-increasing range of options for the consumer and the impact that data brings to this industry is unmatched.

Data Analytics in the manufacturing industry.


The powerful change that data analytics can unlock for companies in the manufacturing space allows for better competition and optimized performance in a highly competitive industry. IoT is playing an increasingly critical role in the manufacturing industry with the monitoring and optimization of manufacturing process data, providing increased insight.



The digital transformation journey in Mining will improve all of the traditional measures:  productivity, costs, and safety.  Whether your mining concern is in need of addressing resource allocation or reporting to satisfy government regulation or shareholder returns, OmniData will help you transform your data into its purest form. We often refer to this as "data mining":  Convert your raw data to a tangible asset.

transportation hero


Whether it be airlines, ships, trucks, or anything in between, the transportation industry is a complex and dynamic set of processes and systems with several information points feeding into it. Analytics gives you the competitive edge you need. Companies can find their pain points and opportunities, examine them from every angle, and use that insight to create the best product. 

Banking Azure


Data Analytics in Banking expands more every day. Data driver finance decisions not only help predict future challenges but also help in building strategies to better face them. Since banking institutions depend so much on data gathering and transferring IoT can help you work quicker, smarter, and better. Along with efficiency, a digital transformation increases security and privacy-enhancing customer experience.