Video: How OmniData helped Milwaukee Tool using Azure Synapse


As Milwaukee Tool grew globally and expanded their manufacturing capabilities, so did their needs for data visualization and flows. OmniData helped give their business new perspective and possibilities through the Azure Synapse Platform. Find out how they implemented their new systems to help expand Milwaukee Tool’s capabilities and grow their business into new and exciting…

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OmniData Video: Dynamics & D365 Inventory Aging


The OmniData Dynamics and D365 inventory aging model provides detailed inventory aging analytics based on a FIFO inventory management method. Find out how the model can be rapidly deployed for any Dynamics in D365 environment as well as explore three Power BI reports providing high level overview and detailed drill down capabilities by site, warehouse,…

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Six Reasons Azure is Winning the Cloud Modernization Market


Forward thinking Enterprises are modernizing their information technology, while moving to the cloud.  Following are five reasons their best option for managing into a better future is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft R&D Investment Strategy Power BI Number One Next Gen Analytics Tool End to End Enterprise Analytics Environment. Single Vendor, Hybrid Friendly Low Risk of Modernization…

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BYOD v Export to Data Lake


Extracting Data from D365 F&O for Data Warehousing and Analytics   Overview When designing and building a typical data warehousing and analytics environment, it is generally preferred to make use of the rawest data structures from which to build the relevant transformations and logic to support the business requirements. From a practical perspective, this means…

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1-Minute Tour: Dynamics & D365 Inventory Analytics

Take a 1 minute tour and learn about 6 easy-to-understand dashboard reports that help you better manage your inventory. We’ll peek at the incredible out-of-the-box OmniData functionality of: Inventory Value Analysis Inventory Value Detail Inventory Quality Analysis Inventory Quantity Analysis Inventory Planning Inventory ABC Analysis Intrigued? Let’s Connect.

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Dynamics Analytics Excellence – Deep Dive White Paper


Most organizations face the same four common data problems. OmniData’s Dynamics Analytics Excellence whitepaper helps solve them. One size fits all reporting Reporting across multiple companies and sources Complex data models Accessing raw data from D365 Download “Four Problems, One Fix” now It looks like Javascript isn’t enabled in your browser. Please enable it in…

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Dashboard in a Day Workshops Scheduled

dashboard in a day

OmniData joins Microsoft in offering Free Dashboard in a Day Power BI Discovery Sessions Tobias Eld, OmniData partner and Azure guru is certified for Microsoft’s Dashboard in a Day Program. As a top Power BI expert, he will guide ambitious clients through best practices in Power BI. If you want management dashboards, Power BI is…

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Free Excel, Power BI, and Azure Training Offered by Microsoft

Azure Analytics Classes

OmniData Teaches One Day Trainings Microsoft has structured free training in the Azure Analytics Stack into multiple single day classes. The classes cover all aspects of what goes into a world class, next generation business intelligence program. OmniData, as a gold Microsoft Partner, will participate at all levels of the multiyear training strategy. In these…

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Data Warehouse Automation Optimizes Govt Response to Covid-19

Data Warehouse Automation leads to optimal response for a pandemic

Part 2 – Data Warehouse Automation is the next logical step for stability and growth article on Covid-19 Data Warehouse Automation was written by Douglas Textor with Susan Pessemier. In Part One, you read about a rapid prototype built in Washington State for rapid response to COVID-19. Government officials, right up to Governor Inslee,…

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