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How can Big Data Analytics help the Mining industry? As a specialist Microsoft solutions partner, OmniData™ can help you build a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that addresses your journey to the cloud, data modernization and analytics, coupling our specialized skills and experience with your needs.




Challenge 1

Optimize Dragline and Open Pit Operational Efficiency through Data and Training.

With thousands of collective hours spent per month by operators performing line of duty tasks, our customer requires a solution to improve the operational efficiency of dragline and dump truck operators.

OmniData™ can streamline your Dragline and Open Pit Operational Efficiency in three steps:

  1. Global positioning and sensor data from dragline and dump truck operations is paired with driver and driver training information as well as external data related to weather conditions.
  2. This combined data is used to build an accurate pattern of operations in different weather conditions and with different equipment.
  3. The generated pattern is used to create a model for the specific training and skilling requirements for each driver and operator.

This gives you the power to spend time on what matters to you.

How can Azure Data Analytics be used in Manufacturing


Challenge 2

Streamline Contract Mining Production Monitoring

Shifting thousands of tons of earth as part of a contract mining operation in several remote sites requires careful planning and monitoring to perform against given performance metrics.

OmniData™ helps you realize the full potential of data files from remote contract mining operations to efficiently and effectively monitor production.

The insights generated by pairing the base data with daily targets give you the power to manage production on a daily basis for each location and create a more thorough understanding of performance.

How can Azure Data Analytics be used in Manufacturing


Mining giant Roy Hills realizes key insights with Azure based data analytics

Roy Hills provides a powerful example of what data analytics can accomplish in the mining industry. Deploying such a platform enables Roy Hills to make effective decisions in real-time.

How Data Science is Revolutionizing the Mining Industry

Teck Resources Limited worked with Boston Consulting Group to extract precious data insights from a traditional copper mining operation.

Hidden advantage of data analytics in the mining industry

The mining industry inherently sits on massive stockpiles of data. However, only a fraction of this data is ever used. Data analytics is proven to boost efficiency and make smarter decisions.

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