Unleashing the Power of Data: Next-Level Analytics Solutions for Comprehensive and Robust Business Insights

At OmniData, we help businesses get real-time insights about sales, marketing, finance, product development, and more through data analytics. Our OmniAnalytics™ D365 products are created to address specific needs that we have regularly seen among our clients over the years.

OmniAnalytics D365 F&SCM

OmniAnalytics™ D365 F&SCM

To help our customers see their business from end to end more clearly, OmniData has developed a comprehensive analytics and reporting system. OmniAnalytics™ D365 F&SCM is a turnkey, 100% Azure, next-gen analytics and reporting environment for your enterprise.

OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC

Built on the latest Microsoft technology and deployed specifically for your organization, OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC provides you with your own data infrastructure - allowing you to truly take control of your data. 

OmniAnalytics D365 BC