TimeXtender defined Data Warehouse Automation and remains the category leader in DWA. This is important, because great data insights can't happen without a lot of great data architecture first. Imagine you can: See all your data sources at once, set your business rules, document for data governance, and test -- all with one tool. After testing, the same tool can put the results into production. No more mind-numbing patches that can't be traced for each data source. With a single tool, you have built your data warehouse and put it in production. Once in production, on-going maintenance is worry-free because of the same features. If you want this kind of speed and value, you must have the ultimate coordination tool for The Modern Data Estate -- TimeXtender.

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TimeXtender Basic Training

Our two-day basic training sessions are designed for people looking to develop and maintain a TimeXtender data warehouse solution. Click below to learn more and register today.

extraordinary productivity gains

Enable IT to move from a patchwork of tools to a complete data management platform. In the process, reduce time to value 10X.

Eliminate disparate tools for cataloging, modeling, moving and documenting data
70% reduction in build costs
automatically document business rules around your analytics data
80% reduction in maintenance costs
Free up IT resources to work on more valuable tasks and projects
Simplify creation and management of data architecture / data infrastructure

OmniData's™ Mastery of TimeXtender is Unmatched

TimeXtender is at the core of our ability to bring value to your business. You get even greater leverage from TimeXtender, because OmniData™ brings decades of experience. For guaranteed success, let us install, architect, and train your staff. With OmniData™, you'll have the most agile data management and analytics platform available. Ask for a free one-hour consultation.


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