Talk Thursday: Power BI Dataset Refresh Part 1 – Trigger a Dataset from Power BI using REST API

Welcome to another two-part series for Tech Talk Thursday hosted by Ray Marquina, OmniData™’s Principal Solutions Architect.

In this series, we will be exploring how we can trigger a dataset refresh from Power BI within our Synapse Analytics pipeline using Power BI REST API.

In this Part One video, we will be exploring the following:

  • Setting up the proper developer settings with Power BI
  • Creating and configuring a security group to allow us access to use the Power BI endpoints

Adding a Power BI Dataset Refresh mechanism to your pipeline can help give your pipeline a more complete and refined design and is also going to help with efficiency as you won't have to deal with setting up multiple schedules on the Power BI side or the Synapse side. You can just manage and maintain one schedule within your Synapse pipeline. 

If you enjoyed this video, don't miss Part Two.