Tech Talk Thursday: Configure API Pagination within Azure Synapse Pipeline

API pagination can be an exceptional data display and analytics tool. This is especially true in Azure Synapse pipelines. But using REST APIs can get a bit confusing and tricky sometimes. In this short video, we’ll explain and walk you through the process, screen-by-screen, using some simple but powerful tools and techniques. You’ll learn how…

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Tech Talk Thursday: How to Use Switch Activity Within Azure Synapse Analytics

Using Switch Activity in Azure Synapse Analytics, located in “Activities” under “Iterations and Conditionals,” will provide you with the same functionality as using a switch statement in most programming languages.  Switch Activities, built in Synapse Studio, will evaluate a set of activities corresponding to a created “case” that matches the condition evaluation you defined in…

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Tech Talk Thursday: How to Leverage Variables within Azure Synapse Analytics

In today’s Tech Talk Thursday video, OmniData’s Ray Marquina, Principal Solutions Architect, shares how to leverage variables within Azure Synapse Analytics. More specifically, he’ll look at how you can increment a variable within an iteration activity. Data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics are all combined into a limitless analytics solution with Azure…

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Dashboard in a Day Workshops Scheduled

dashboard in a day

OmniData joins Microsoft in offering Free Dashboard in a Day Power BI Discovery Sessions Tobias Eld, OmniData partner and Azure guru is certified for Microsoft’s Dashboard in a Day Program. As a top Power BI expert, he will guide ambitious clients through best practices in Power BI. If you want management dashboards, Power BI is…

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Free Excel, Power BI, and Azure Training Offered by Microsoft

Azure Analytics Classes

OmniData Teaches One Day Trainings Microsoft has structured free training in the Azure Analytics Stack into multiple single day classes. The classes cover all aspects of what goes into a world class, next generation business intelligence program. OmniData, as a gold Microsoft Partner, will participate at all levels of the multiyear training strategy. In these…

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