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Prestige Care goes all in on Microsoft after seeing Power BI in action

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Prestige Care Benefits Directly from Power BI

Prestige Care—a new OmniData™ customer—directly benefited from OmniData™’s Power BI expertise. The company runs a network of long-term care facilities on the West Coast and attended the workshop to learn more about Power BI. Aiming to give its individual facilities more autonomy, Prestige Care was looking for an analytics solution that would empower both administrators and caregivers with patient-level insights at each location so they could improve care.

Before attending the Dashboard-in-a-Day workshop, Prestige Care had very little exposure to Power BI and what it could deliver. The company had been using a Domo product stack as an all-in-one data warehouse and data model with visualizations. “They had gone down the path of investing a significant amount of time and effort into their analytics environment and realized they should evaluate other solutions before scaling their analytics and rolling out to individual facilities.” Erasmus said.

For Prestige Care, the workshop was perfect timing. The company was wowed by the visualization capabilities of Power BI, the ability to seamlessly share dashboards via Microsoft Teams, and the integration across the entire Microsoft stack. “At the workshop, Prestige Care saw how their data share strategy would come together,” Erasmus said. “They gained an understanding of which data sources would feed into their analytics environment and how that would trickle down to caregivers accessing Power BI from their tablets when checking on a patient.” 

After that initial session, Prestige Care took the next step and signed up for OmniData™’s Analytics in Action program. That’s where OmniData™ helped Prestige Care define its analytics strategy and unite it with the technology. “They realized that the technology path they were going down would not be able to provide them the flexibility they needed to roll out to individual facilities at the caregiver level,” Erasmus said.

A year since that initial workshop, and Prestige Care has made significant strides in the migration from Domo. Azure Synapse Analytics serves as the data warehouse with Power BI providing visualizations on the frontend. This has helped Prestige Care to improve its decision-making processes at individual facilities. Today, caregivers access Power BI dashboards on their tablets to track key metrics in patient care. “They’ve seen massive benefits in terms of running the facilities much more optimally, and providing better care to their patients through analytics,” Erasmus said.

About Prestige Care

From Independent and Assisted Living to Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Care & Rehabilitation, Prestige Care is a family-owned company that provides care tailored to the individual in a comfortable, supportive environment.

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  • Successful migration from Domo to Power BI
  • Improved processes at individual facility level
  • Access to real time metrics

“The interoperability between Azure, Power BI and Microsoft Teams has helped Prestige be more productive with our data.”

Rima Desai
Director of Applications & Analytics, Prestige Care

OmniData™ helps customers tap into Power BI

In just one workshop, customers walk away with practical skills to build their own Power BI dashboards, while OmniData™ demonstrates its Power Platform prowess and gains new qualified leads. Hosting Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops has not only expanded OmniData™’s customer base, but it’s also led to roughly $600,000 in consulting revenue over the past year. 

Self-described as a modern, cloud-focused systems integrator (SI) partner, OmniData™ helps customers simplify complex data. 

As a longtime Microsoft SI, OmniData™ currently participates in both the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and the Business Intelligence Partner Program. “It was a strategic business decision to put our organizational structure behind the Microsoft cloud journey,” said Vice President of Sales and Business Development at OmniData™, Dan Erasmus. “We align ourselves as tightly to Microsoft as we can, in part, to raise our profile as a partner.”

OmniData™ enables customers to improve their data on Azure and helps them reach their goals via three main avenues: 

  • Cloud Modernization
  • Data Modernization
  • Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In addition to being an SI, OmniData™ is a direct Cloud Service Provider (CSP) that can help customers with everything from cloud strategy to billing, to execution.

“We’ve made an investment to grow our access to the market through these Dashboard-in-a-Day sessions.”

Dan Erasmus
Vice President of Sales and Business Development, OmniData™

13 Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops net 1,000+ leads

With analytics as a core pillar, OmniData™ has spent many years honing its Power BI practice. Recently, the company started delivering Dashboard-in-a-Day sessions as an offering. To date, OmniData™ has run 13 of these workshops, as well as five Modern Excel-Analyst-in-a-Day and has roughly 30 more coming up. Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops cater to business analysts who want a hands-on way to learn all the capabilities that Power BI offers. For partners, the sessions are a great way to bring in new leads and show potential customers how Power BI can solve their business problems.

Through the Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops it hosted, OmniData™ trained over 1,000 individuals from 873 different organizations. The success is, in part, due to the huge promotional effort from Microsoft. “We are never short of people to attend a Dashboard-in-a-Day session because Microsoft does a phenomenal job of promoting them,” Erasmus said. “We’ve almost had to turn people away.” 

And beyond generating leads, OmniData™ sees a secondary benefit of these workshops as strengthening the ecosystem of Microsoft partners. “Our approach has always been, if we’ve built success around these sessions, why not share that because another partner can take those insights and grow their own business,” Erasmus said. “When we’re collaborative, the Power BI community just becomes that much stronger.” 

As OmniData™ consultants ramped up on the latest developments in Power BI, many customers saw the result of that effort throughout several Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops.

S(killing) it with AI and earning new Solutions Partner designation

Because Power BI has always been a major focus, OmniData™ jumped at the chance to secure its new Microsoft badge as a Solutions Partner for Data and AI. The company attained all 100 possible points in earning the designation, which amps up the message to customers that OmniData™ can help manage their data across multiple systems to build analytics and AI solutions.

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For the OmniData™ team, preparing prior to the rollout was key. “We made sure we got the certifications done internally way in advance of the go-live date for the solution area designation,” Erasmus said. “The way Microsoft started communicating the change in the partner program very early on, gave us a significant amount of time to prepare our consulting team and ensure they started working toward their certifications.” 

OmniData™ worked with each of its consultants to determine the right education path for them to achieve their certifications and pass their exams. This approach was so effective that OmniData™ implemented it as part of a broader learning system company wide. “It’s become such an ingrained part of how we operate with every single consultant,” Erasmus said. “The level of skill that’s associated with the individual products from a certification perspective has dramatically risen. And because we’ve built that continuous education strategy, we can keep consultants abreast of all the technology changes.” Not only does this approach help consultants improve, but executives as well. A targeted training program helps them stay current on the latest developments in Power Platform. 

When it comes down to it, this greater level of education translates to a major benefit for customers. “There are so many things that come into play with Power BI and Azure that, unless you’re acutely aware of every changing scenario of how the product can be used, you can’t effectively position a solution for the customer,” Erasmus explained. “It’s definitely helped us prepare for customer onboarding.” “It was a strategic business decision to put our organizational structure behind the Microsoft cloud journey.”

Doubling down on dashboard workshops and Microsoft programs

Riding on the immense success of its Power BI practice, OmniData™ is doubling down on its Dashboard-in-a-Day workshops and planning many more for the future. The company has also hired a dedicated trainer who will bring additional value to the Power BI sessions. 

“We’ve made an investment to grow our access to the market through these Dashboard-in-a-Day sessions,” Erasmus said. “This will help us continuously get new people into the funnel, so we can move them through our Analytics in Action program and then hopefully into a consulting engagement.” 

In the coming months, OmniData™ plans to continue investing time and resources in Microsoft programs by working toward attaining the Analytics on Microsoft Azure specialization.