Jet Global

Jet Global

OmniData's partnership with Jet is long-standing. Our intimate knowledge of their suite of software is unparalleled. The Jet Suite will quickly advance your reporting and analytics effort in any Dynamics installation, either on prem, or in the cloud. OmniData's knowledge of Azure, combined with Jet can quickly leverage the tool to take you from basic Dynamics reports to an expanded suite with greater control over customization. OmniData's architectural experience and pedigree in business analytics will take your company into a next generation analytics driven business model. Full digital transformation is possible with the combination of Jet Global's suite and OmniData' expertise. You deserve to be able to mine your own data. Now you can.


Jet is best-in-category for reporting, analytics and budgeting in Dynamics.

Jet Global, (an Insightsoftware company) is the #1 Reporting, Analytics, and Budgeting Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics.  With Jet, you get:

  • Business Analytics for Instant Data-Driven Decisions
  • All Your Financials Inside of Excel with the Click of a Button
  • Work Better and Smarter from Anywhere, on your device of choice
  • Build Cohesion while Improving Team Output
  • Control and Streamline the Fiscal Planning Process

The Omni Dynamics Prism hyper-drives you to digital transformation

Jet implementations enhanced and even managed by OmniData yields a powerful, next generation analytics environment.  There are four recurring obstacles every Dynamics customer experiences in the quest to improve an anlytics environment around Dynamics:   1.  One size fits all reporting limitations appear quickly.  2.  Consolidated reporting across multiple entities or data sources is time consuming. 3.  The complex data model driving dynamics is daunting if you are not a data architect. 4.  Accessing raw data from Dynamics 365 is very different from accessing your data in an on-prem installation.

Find out how the Omni Dynamics Prism solves these and other problems in just weeks.  Read our white paper "Dynamics Analytics Excellence - Four Problems, One Fix That Transforms Your Dynamics Reporting Environment.