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Maintaining Productivity during COVID-19

The Coronavirus/COVID-19 is now having an impact on every family in the United States. We empathize that you and your family are impacted, and most of your businesses are as well. For many of our clients we are implementing urgent measures to support the workforce working from home, as well as immediate changes to reporting and dashboards responding to the changes in customer behavior that you are seeing.  

Here at OmniData™, we are all working from home, and we are now delivering analysis sessions remotely using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard. We have implemented a new onboarding process for new employees to enable them to get trained and start delivering value for your businesses without coming to the office once.  

We wanted to share with you an overview of the ways that we are changing our delivery methodology to ensure that we continue to deliver value to our clients. 

Committed to your success at all times

Download printable pdf here

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at this time, we are here and committed to helping you adjust to the new reality of doing business under lockdown. 

The OmniData™ Executive Team 

Doug Textor, Dan Erasmus, Tobias Eld 

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