Free Excel, Power BI, and Azure Training Offered by Microsoft

OmniData™ Teaches One Day Trainings

Azure Analytics Classes
Learn all aspects of the Azure Analytics offerings

Microsoft has structured free training in the Azure Analytics Stack into multiple single day classes. The classes cover all aspects of what goes into a world class, next generation business intelligence program. OmniData™, as a gold Microsoft Partner, will participate at all levels of the multiyear training strategy. In these training classes, the goal is to de-mystify at all levels of your business what goes into best practices of an enterprise-wide business intelligence program. The result: participants will increase data literacy at all levels of their business.

OmniData™’s top consultants are the trainers in all of the Microsoft workshop programs. The programs are: “Dashboard in a Day”, “Modern Excel Analyst in a Day”, and “Paginated Reports in a Day”. Because there are so many different audiences, each program reflects a different level of data literacy. Furthermore, each program is a different bridge to the Modern Data Estate for an individual at a particular place in the journey to data literacy.

Dashboard in a Day

Dashboard in a Day is where the program began. Microsoft rolled this one day class out several years ago with great success. The class brings customers, partners, and Microsoft itself close together, while creating a foundation for success with the product. Aimed at analysts, the student will learn in just one day how much further their contribution to their organization can be with this ever-evolving product.

Modern Excel Analyst in a Day

Modern Excel Analyst in a Day is designed for the massive audience that continues to require excel in its business reporting eco-system. Compared to Power BI, Excel has been the analytics tool standard in the workplace since the mid 1980s. So, if a business intends to develop a next-generation analytics function, it cannot ignore the past. They must build a bridge to go from Excel to Power BI and back again. Modern Excel Analyst in a Day covers this ground.

Paginated Reports in a Day

Paginated Reports in a Day will cover the specialized ground of producing pixel perfect reports vs dashboards. Dashboards, by their nature, are explorational and highly interactive. By comparison, reports are static, and produced for distribution to a larger segment of an organization. This hands-on class is also free, and covers all the uses, functionality, and execution involved in the static reporting side of the Azure Analytics Stack.

Why Azure Analytics Trainings Matter

Azure Analytics Stack Trainings are worth the one day commitments of your time. As Azure crushes its cloud competition, they prepare all members of your organization to enter the next generation of analytics. Furthermore, on the dimensions of cost, security, scalability and feature functionality, the Azure Analytics Stack is outracing all comers. So, with free training targeted at all participants in your business, these programs are a must for bringing data literacy and world class business intelligence to your entire organization.

About OmniData™

OmniData™ provides products and services at every phase of the data lifecycle. When you need us, we are passionate about your success. We mine your hidden data assets and we will accelerate your time to data insights 10X. In addition, we are Microsoft Gold Partners committed to keeping you on the cutting edge of the Azure Stack. Curious? Let’s have a conversation.

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