Analytics in a Day Workshops Scheduled

Azure Analytics Classes

OmniData joins Microsoft in offering Free Analytics in a Day Workshop Sessions

Tobias Eld, OmniData partner and Azure guru is certified for Microsoft’s Analytics in a Day Workshops Program. He will guide ambitious clients through setting a best practices foundation for analytics in Azure. If this is you, schedule to visit us in September, October, or November. “This is an ideal session for clients seeking an overview of where Azure is now and where it is headed. You will come away with an understanding of the direction your business should take to build a BI program in the Azure cloud,” Mr Eld said. “We’re excited we can provide this overview with the lab support of Microsoft.”

Microsoft trained top Azure Data Gold partners for this program earlier in 2020. Mr Eld was among the first Senior Consultants to receive certification. To sign up for a free Analytics in a Day Workshop, click here.

The Azure Platform, Azure Synapse, and Power BI are Microsoft products that combine for the most powerful next generation Business Intelligence platform there is. We will share with you Microsoft and OmniData’s vision of Limitless Analytics.

What You’ll Learn

Why participate?
At the end of an Analytics in a day workshop, you will have learned more about:

  • Collect all your structured and unstructured data using Azure Data Factory and Azure Blob Storage.
  • Use Databricks to prepare, aggregate and summarize data both in batch and in streaming.
  • Use the connectors between Azure Databricks and Azure SQL Data Warehouse to access and move data to scale
  • Generate reports using Power BI with Azure SQL DW data
  • Understand all facets of Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Started on the journey to Azure Analytics Excellence

About OmniData

OmniData provides products and services at every phase of the data lifecycle. When you need us, we are passionate about your success. We mine your hidden data assets and we will accelerate your time to data insights 10X. Our Analytics in a Day Workshops are taught by our top consultants. Thus we add value to this already valuable Microsoft program.