Modern Data Estate Framework

Modern Data Estate Framework for Analytics

Your challenges in data fit within the following Modern Data Estate Framework. In your constantly changing and adapting world, this framework will help you to organize and prioritize time and budget. We use the Modern Data Estate Framework as a best practice and our most successful clients adhere to it.

Let us show you how this thinking can accelerate results and effectively rally your whole enterprise around the benefits of coming to work supported by a Modern Data Estate.


Tools, vendors, or projects often want to be all things, applied to all problems.  It can be overwhelming trying to prioritize your slate of solutions.  Yet, conflicting and overlapping efforts can be tracked and avoided, using our Modern Data Estate framework. By using this framework toward the goal of creating a Modern Data Estate, you can control the dialogue and offer your organization a guide toward more effective results in IT innovation.



Both Data Integration and Application Integration are targeted within the Modern Data Estate Framework.  Often this simply means reducing duplication.  The opportunities on the integration journey include enrichment, simplification, and insight.  Let's create your integration roadmap and reduce overlap, multiple "sources of truth", multiple data stores.  Let's eliminate competing applications and efforts.  Then let's automate the result.



Data governance best practices are crucial to establishment and maintenance of the Modern Data Estate.  This breaks down into key stakeholders being identified and working together effectively.  A great Data Warehouse Automation tool like TimeXtender creates the requisite documentation that is crucial to keeping stakeholders aligned, informed, effective and happy.  Let us help you with the tools and knowhow for effective Data Governance.



Analytics often seems to be the proverbial "tail wagging the dog".  However, when we deploy our framework, we find that analytics and visualization sit atop the other six parts of the framework in any effective Modern Data Estate.  Our most succesful clients have realized the need to create a sturdy foundation for analytics.  Let us help you join those ranks.



Visualization is the window to numbers and analytics, in the same way cinema and video tell stories beyond words.  The toolkits for analytics -- PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik are suddenly a commodity.  Which best suits your organization?  Let OmniData™ Insights apply our framework as your trusted advisor to determine which works best for you.



With multiple overlapping data stores, making the right data accessible to the right users can be more difficult that it seems.  A great data warehouse automation strategy and toolkit is crucial.  TimeXtender and Azure Cloud combine as part of a successful simplification strategy that will seamlessly get your data to the right users at the right time.



OmniData™ Insights has extensive experience in machine learning, natural language processing, natural language generation, pattern recognition, cognitive services and decision science.  Let us apply our experience effectively within the Modern Data Estate Framework to make sure you are choosing the right tools and direction on the AI frontier.



With data proliferating at high rates, you cannot look at storage as a commodity.  Cloud Migration and the Modern Data Estate calls for regular evaluation and stress testing of the storage part of the equation.  As Microsoft Solutions Partners, use our experience and expertise to simplify and direct your decisions in this simple but crucial area.



Best practices in security are a part of every decision you make in building a Modern Data Estate.  Use OmniData™ insights' experience and knowledge within this framework to ensure this important pillar is always a top consideration.