Cashflow Magnifier

Cashflow Magnifier™

Manufacturing heavy business?  Dynamics ERP? Retail?  Cashflow Magnifier™ can bring you and your team imediate insight and value.  Extracting the cash hidden in a complex value chain requires a mixture of activities including:  Working capital management, burn rate analysis and future cashflow projections.  Over-simplified reports will leave you coming up short.  Cashflow Magnifier™ gives you a clear understanding of upcoming expenses, incoming receivables, and inventory on hand across warehouses.  Even better, ratios like the inventory turnover, collection effectiveness ratio and working capital ratio can be examined for selected time frames.  All of this, in simple, drillable, instant access Power BI dashboards tied straight to your Dynamics environment.

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Because CASH is the Ultimate KPI!

What is Cashflow Magnifier?

Cashflow Magnifier™ ties Power BI straight into Dynamics.  Starting day one, this package of twelve highly usable and intuitive Power BI dashboards provide immediate benefits to your understanding of your business. Take a look at our detailed walk-through video here!

Cashflow Magnifier overview
Overview of integrated Cashflow Magnifier modules included in package.

Why do I need cashflow Magnifier?

Deploy a comprehensive working capital management model that ties Power BI straight to Dynamics. Give yourself and your whole team the ability to immediately analyze metrics with a 360-degree view of everywhere cash enters and exits your business.  And where it may be sitting in your warehouses.

What makes Cashflow Magnifier better?

Other available reporting mechanisms keep individual areas like payables and receivables in separate silos.  To help our customers understand their overall cashflow better, OmniData™ has developed a comprehensive working capital management model, called Cashflow Magnifier™,  giving you the ability to immediately analyze metrics across the following criteria.


Regular review of your incoming receivables is vital. With Cashflow Magnifier™ you can identify debtors that are at risk of default and what that would do to receivables? What is due, what is overdue and what is due in the next 10 days? What is my collection effectiveness ratio? What is your Average Days Delinquent, by debtor and how can I improve that?  Use Cashflow Magnifier, out of the box, to share key goals with your whole company.


Managing cash flowing out of your business might mean the difference between paying salaries and not. sing Cashflow Magnifier™, you will be able to get a clear understanding of which payments are due, which payments are overdue and which payments are due in the next 10 days. What is your Invoice cycle time and how to stretch it as far as possible? What discounts have been applied? Have I made any duplicate payments?

INVENTORY      Management

Cashflow Magnifier can help you understand your inventory.  What is moving, what is stagnant and where do you have high exposure?  All across multiple warehouses and locations. SKU’s that used to be stable performers can rapidly change to high demand items or suddenly go into low demand. There is "found cash" in every company's inventory.  Use Cashflow Magnifier™ to find yours.

How long does it take?

Cashflow Magnifier™ is deployed 100% remotely (using our RAD methodology) in as little as 1 day for supported systems*. Cashflow Magnifier™ is deployed as a Power BI Services Application and connected directly to your Dynamics data. Following the initial deployment, OmniData™ Insights provides one-to-many, instructor lead, online training and personalized support to get your entire team successful using the product.

What does Cashflow Magnifier support??

Cashflow Magnifier™ supports most on- premises and cloud based ERP systems. The following systems are currently supported for Accelerated 1-Day Deployment:

• On-Premises - Dynamcis AX
• Cloud Based - D365 F&SCM F&SCM

"With Cashflow Magnifier™, you get a collection of great dashboards.  And you also get a Power BI App with best practice metrics that represent our years of experience with Dynamics.   It is the foundation of a whole enterprise BI program."

- Douglas Textor, CEO OmniData™