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Data Analytics in the retail industry


No other industry is feeling the impact of digital transformation as much as retail. Since you want to be at the forefront of change, we provide advanced technologies. Does augmented reality impacting on the way people select and buy items sound effective to you?  How do you deal today with the vast array of data available about customers, products, and locations? Every aspect of the retail industry is changing.  Let OmniData™ help you navigate.

Data Analytics in the media industry

Media & Entertainment

Because data is at the core of media and entertainment's disruption, OmniData™ can serve in many ways.  The current dramatic industry changes are impacting disciplines in the industry ranging from rights management through to consumer loyalty.  If not managed, they are affecting profitability. Add to that the ever-increasing range of options for the consumer, and the impact that data analytics brings to this industry is unmatched.

Data Analytics in the manufacturing industry.


Data analytics unlocks powerful, positive change for companies in the manufacturing space.  If this means you, OmniData™ will improve competition and optimize performance in your highly competitive industry.  For instance, IoT is playing an increasingly critical role in the manufacturing industry.  In addition, we can help you monitor and optimize your manufacturing process data, providing increased insight.