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To help our customers see their business from end to end more clearly, OmniData™ has developed a comprehensive analytics and reporting system for D365 BC. OmniAnalytics™ D365 BC  is a turnkey, 100% Azure, next-gen analytics and reporting environment for your business.

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Most organizations face the same four common data problems. 

OmniData™’s OmniAnalytics™ for Business Central whitepaper helps solve them.

  1. One-size fits all reporting 
  2. Reporting across companies and systems 
  3. Complex data models 
  4. Accessing raw data from D365

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OmniAnalytics™ Business Central FAQ’s

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A full company license of OmniAnalytics™ is $15,000 annually and comes with the library of pre-built reports, Microsoft-certified support from OmniData™, and quarterly updates to reporting models.

Modern data infrastructure from Microsoft will vary in cost for each organization, but is typically less than half the cost of Azure SQL Server.

Talk to a specialist for a complete quote at (855) 521-4235.

OmniAnalytics™ comes with a library of dozens of pre-built reports for Business Central, covering Finance, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Inventory, and Procurement.

OmniAnalytics™ also comes with two powerful, user friendly data models:

  • Financial Management Model – brings together General Ledger alongside AP and AR
  • Supply Chain Management Model – combines Sales, Inventory, and Procurement – all in one place

Want to take a closer look? Set up an overview with one of our specialists or call (855) 521-4235.

OmniAnalytics™ is built entirely on Microsoft technology, so it will integrate seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft stack. Share PowerBI reports with Teams, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, and more – and even pull into excel for quick ad hoc analysis.

OmniData™ provides Microsoft-certified support, and brings extensive experience in Azure, Power Platform, and modeling of Microsoft Dynamics data. In addition to OmniAnalytics™ support we provide managed support plans, custom report design engagements, Dashboard in a Day workshops, and more.

The data infrastructure and pre-built reports in PowerBI can be deployed in a single day. Training and additional customizations to the reports or data models is typically completed over 2 to 4 weeks.

OmniAnalytics™ is deployed using Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Synapse from Microsoft. Each customer has their own unique environment provisioned, and they own the infrastructure – backed by OmniData™’s support.


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