Migrate From SQL 2008 Before Support Ends

Migrate from SQL 2008 at 10x the speed and reliability using TimeXtender.

Microsoft is ending support for SQL Server 2008 on July 9, 2019. With the end of support, many organizations are struggling to migrate from SQL Server 2008 sources and data warehouse(s) to a Modern Data Warehouse. However, TimeXtender Discovery hub can accelerate this process by 10x.

For a fast demo, check out this video from TimeXtender. In addition, the video also gives a great look at the new user interface that Tobias Eld wrote about here. Or, for a description of features, download the overview .pdf here.

More Databases Increase the Necessity for Data Warehouse Automation

If you are using SQL Server with software applications, your software vendor may provide tools to migrate your data to these newer databases, but if you are running one or more data warehouses, data marts or reporting environments – which were built by pulling data from transactional databases – you will most likely have to manually rebuild the environment. But writing the code to recreate your data warehouse is extremely time-consuming and expensive. 

Discovery Hub, from TimeXtender, provides a toolset for capturing the structure of your current data warehouse and automates the creation and updating of a new data warehouse that can be built on any Microsoft data platform. 

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