Data Analytics in Banking


Data Analytics in Banking expands more every day. Data driver finance decisions not only help predict future challenges but also help in building strategies to better face them. Since banking institutions depend so much on data gathering and transferring IoT can help you work quicker, smarter, and better. Along with efficiency, a digital transformation increases security and privacy-enhancing customer experience and keeping you up to par with industry insights. 

See how OmniData can help you on your journey to the cloud and data modernization to optimize operations while providing insight into all aspects of the business. 



Use data analytics automate compliance in the banking industry

Our customer required a way to gauge compliance policies in their bank without having to manually sift through massive amounts of data


Using the power of Microsoft Azure, we consolidate data from diverse source systems and provide it to the testing team faster and more efficiently. Doing so makes it easy for business owners to extract vital data and compare it to compliance policies. Throughout this entire process, customer data safety is our top priority and all data in transit is masked.

By automating checking compliance policies, our customers vastly decreased wait times between pending jobs allowing them to focus on what matters and answer strategy questions based on actual business data.


How can Azure Data Analytics be used in Manufacturing



Use data analytics to report testing information action procedures

With the amount of data generated in a single day at a single bank, our customer required a way to keep track and make sense of all this data


Digital Transformation allows bankers to spend time where it matters most. Bringing together data from all the systems in the business to create an accurate daily view involved ingesting testing data various groups to create a consolidated view of production.

This allowed for the business management to see testing reports at a high-level and find opportunities for optimization and cost-saving that are in accordance with their compliance policies.


How can Azure Data Analytics be used in Manufacturing

Best Practices: Data Analytics in Banking

With more and more businesses going online, there needs to be a way to make sense of all this data. A digital transformation allows you to do so. According to McKinsey, Analytics and AI in banking can accelerate growth and help you deliver a digital banking experience.

Data Analytics has and will continue to become an essential part of banking. Utilizing this data allows business owners to optimize their own processes and create better interactions with their customers with greater insights.

The banking Industry sits on giant stockpiles of data. However, this data is rarely ever used efficiently.  Utilizing this data can mean better risk management, fraud detection, and loan appraisal management.